Strippers from Another World

TV-MA 2013


When two nerdy college coeds, wish upon a falling star they are whisked into outer space where an alien experiment transforms them into hot sexy space babes who return to Earth as strippers.

Bunny, president of her sorority Gamma Phi, decides for fun she will pledge a couple of nerdy girls just so she can humiliate them. She picks on Marge and Anita in her current science class. When they arrive for Pledge Week, Bunny tells them their first requirement is to get jobs as strippers and put in at least one shift. The girls are disappointed when the strip joint owner turns them down. Just then, however, they see a shooting star and make a wish on it. Instantly, they find themselves aboard a spacecraft where a body-less voice tells them that he can help them transform their appearance to be believable strippers. They agree and return to Earth much changed. After putting in their shift, they return to Gamma Phi with proof of their work requirement. Bunny is shocked at how much different they appear and act. She is forced to offer them membership into the sorority after they finish all the remaining requirements. When votes are counted for house officers, Marge has best votes for Bunny. She politely refuses the presidency, saying that she wants to start her own house where membership is based on what's inside a person instead of shallow exterior appearances.

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